Summer sale - one week left

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Summer sale - one week left

Summer Sale will end next week Monday. We are also running out of stock for a few items, but if you are interested in beams then please go ahead and make the most of this last week.

OpenBeam clear beams 30% off!! Here is a link: SALE

OpenBeam clear kits 15% off!! Here is a link: SALE


  1. Marlies de Stigter Marlies de Stigter

    Hi Jerome,

    1. There was no end date mentioned in the initial post. I thought it would be nice to inform customers about the end date and just added it to the post.

    2. We had customers who ordered anyway. We could help them by changing the lengths in the box. Or make a mix of clear and black.

    Would you be interested in such a solution?

    Kind regards,

    Marlies de Stigter


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