MakerBeamXL - 15x15mm aluminum profile

MakerBeamXL is great for bigger projects. Our 15x15mm aluminum T-slot profile is great if you want to make your project a bit more sturdy. MakerBeamXL has 5 hollow cores. The centre one is tapped M3. We offer a range of custom cut lengths. You can find all the MakerBeamXL items below.

If you want to get started really fast you might be interested in our best deal: the starter kit. It offers a range of lengths (50mm - 300mm), stainless steel brackets, nuts and bolts and more. Save 15% and get to work. The kit is available in black or clear.

Do not miss out on our bestsellers: corner cubes (black and clear) and our T-slots nuts for MakerBeamXL.