Vibration sensor for a machine built with MakerBeamXL

Vibration sensor for a machine built with MakerBeamXL

Nicholas built a machine to scan old 8mm family films. He made a video on how to improve the capture process by adding a vibration sensor. The machine is what caught our eye since it was made with MakerBeamXL.


Nicholas Piegdon built a machine to scan 8mm family films from the 1970s. The whole process involves capturing each frame several times under different colored lights. Unfortunately a small vibration, like moving your chair, can ruin this capture process. If vibrations cannot be avoided, detecting them might be a solution. With a sensor to pick up shaking, the scanner could check each frame and repeat the capture if movement is detected. This might add a second or two, but the machine could keep working, and the results would still be good. A piezo element can be used to make a highly sensitive vibration sensor for a small price.




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