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The Incubot: a 3D printer-based microscope

The Incubot: a 3D printer-based microscope The Incubot is a 3D printer-based microscope for long-term live cell imaging within a tissue culture incubator and it was brought to our attention by one of our customers. The microscope can be made using MakerBeamXL and other accessible components making it affordable. HardwareX features an article where you can find all the information you want on the project, including a bill of materials.

ROS powered Rover with MakerBeamXL

ROS powered Rover with MakerBeamXL With just a few small printed parts, some 15x15 MakerBeam XL extrusions, you can convert an inexpensive tank chassis into a modular ROS powered rover. The 15x15 extrusions let you slide in 3mm hex nuts anywhere you want to attach a sensor. See the pictures below and visit

GrowCab - plant growth cabinet

GrowCab - plant growth cabinet The GrowCab is designed as a low-cost plant growth cabinet made with ready available materials. The cabinet is created to be used to shorten plant generation times and accelarate the breeding of crops. The cabinet can be flat packed as well. MakerBeamXL was used for the framework of the GrowCab prototype.