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Prices in your shopping basket will change

Prices in your shopping basket will change The prices in your shopping basket will change from July 1st 2021. Your own national VAT rate will be applied instead of the Dutch VAT rate (21%). This is because of changes in EU VAT rules. We are located in The Netherlands. VAT rates accross Europe vary. Customers from Luxembourg will pay less, customers from Denmark will pay more.

We also took this opportunity to have a look at our pricing. For years we managed to keep prices the same or even lower them. Now that prices are going up, especially shipping cost, we will adjust our prices accordingly. Only some nuts and bolts will become cheaper.

Brexit and small orders

Brexit and small orders We will only take orders from UK-based non-business customers from €160,- or higher (roughly £134,-) due to extra Brexit administration. For smaller orders please check Technobotsonline in the UK. They sell a wide range of our products MakerBeam, MakerBeamXL and OpenBeam.