NAX LAB Hanging Tower

NAX LAB Hanging Tower

James wanted to build something different and was succesful with his NAX LAB Hanging Tower build with MakerBeam. Especially with the night time picture you can see it's giving something else.

NAX LAB Hanging Tower with MakerBeam 1


I wanted to create a PC with a presence. Something that feels like an artifact. Maybe even a little bit evil.

I combined 10mm aluminum profiles with just a couple 3D printed parts to create this fully custom suspended tower PC. I'm quite pleased at how much of this build is made from standardized, fully reusable parts. 
The frame measures 170mm x 170mm x 530mm. Some parts, such as the front panel, the liquid cooler tubes, and the PCIE riser cable stick out for artistic effect. 
NAX LAB Hanging Tower with MakerBeam 2
I knew this was going to be a pretty experimental build, so I embraced problems that forced me to make decisions and work around them later. It makes this machine truly unique. 
The corner cubes saved my LIFE. They allowed me to efficiently build the outer frame structure without getting in the way of the hardware mounting sections. 
NAX LAB Hanging Tower with MakerBeam 3
The parts connecting the radiator to the frame, and the parts connecting the frame to the hanging wire are 3D printed. Everything else is either makerbeam parts or brass standoffs. The technical precision of your hardware and machining standards is the highest there is. 
NAX LAB Hanging Tower with MakerBeam 4


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