MakerBeamXS standoffs tie our profiles together

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MakerBeamXS standoffs tie our profiles together

MakerBeamXS can be used with our other profiles. The standoffs, in black or white, are perfect for combining our other beam sizes with MakerBeamXS or add PCB's.

One end of the standoff is M3. This is the size of the screws needed for our other profiles.The standoffs can be fastened with the 3mm M1.2 screws that are added to the standoffs and XS T-slot nuts (art. no. 104960).


Use the standoffs (clear, art. no. 104926 / black, art. no. 104948) to create a connection between MakerBeamXS (5mmx5mm) and MakerBeam (10mmx10mm) or MakerBeamXL and OpenBeam (both 15mmx15mm) or to add PCB’s.






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