The Incubot: a 3D printer-based microscope

The Incubot: a 3D printer-based microscope

The Incubot is a 3D printer-based microscope for long-term live cell imaging within a tissue culture incubator and it was brought to our attention by one of our customers. The microscope can be made using MakerBeamXL and other accessible components making it affordable. HardwareX features an article where you can find all the information you want on the project, including a bill of materials.



The graphic abstract gives you some information, but you can read all about the Incubot when you click here. The link will lead you to an article of HardwareX (Volume 9, EOO189 of April 2021). The incubot is featured there and it is the best place for more information. For the framework MakerBeamXL is used. Click here for the Bill of Materials to check what is needed for hardware. You can also find information on the design files in the article. Building instructions are also included, see picture below. The result is a low-cost and adaptable addition to open source microscopy.




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