Voron 3Dprinter, update 1

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Voron 3Dprinter, update 1

We were surprised by the sudden influx in demand for the 200mm MakerBeamXL black anodised. Last Thursday we were out of stock. We expect new stock in early June 2020 and that is a long wait, a bit too long.

We are working on another solution. Normally our beams are cut and packed somewhere else. We are looking into the  possibility of having these beams cut and wire tapped ourselves. We talked about getting our own industrial equipment to cut and wire tap beams ourselves a number of times before, but never followed through. Now we did. We have ordered our own machinery for cutting and tapping.

We want to cut longer lengths in smaller lengths. Early next week I hope we will be able to sell 'home cut' beams.

These will not be put visible online straightaway, because we have a lot of backorders.

Again, right now we do not have any stock of the 200mm MakerBeamXL black anodised. We do have some stock of the 200mm MakerBeamXL clear anodised.


  1. Maks Zolin Maks Zolin

    You guys are amazing! Thank you for coming though on this. The entire community appreciates the extra hours and investments to help meet the spike in demand, especially during the current global situation.
    I also would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for not giving you a heads up. We'll do better in the future.

    Maks (RussianCatFood)

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