Voron 3Dprinter, update 5

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Voron 3Dprinter, update 5

We were out of stock for the 200mm MakerBeamXL black anodised and only recently started to cut and tap our own beams. To improve our quality control we use a precision surface plate, an engineer try square and a 500mm caliper. With these items we trust to be able to ship out accurate cut lengths rather than pretty good cut lengths.

As mentioned the precision surface plate arrived last week. Friday afternoon the 500mm caliper (we only had a150mm one) and the engineer try square arrived. With these tools in hand we started to measure the beams we had cut already. Today we shipped the first few sets to customers that had received beams that were not up to par. The newly cut beams are cut to ISO 2768-m.


A cut 200mm MBXL and a 500mm caliper



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