Light Box

Light Box

Stefan created a professional Light Box using MakerBeam and translucent acrylic glass.

The professional Light Box (or Light Tent) is made using MakerBeam and translucent acrylic glass. The prototype as shown in the pictures measures 300x300mm. It has integrated dimmable LED light and adjustable light temperature. Through the partial transparent acrylic glass also indirect lighting from 4 sides is possible.
Stefan (from ConstrAct, Austria) is planning to enhance it to 600mmx600mm. Also he wants to add light from the bottom. In product photography this is important to avoid shadows.



Lichtzelt 2

yongnuo - photography light LED


  1. Stefan Stefan

    Hi Jascha,

    that is easy, the legs are 3D-printed and the are only pressed into the hole of a corner cube.
    I will change this in the future, because I want to add an additional light from the bottom of the cube.
    This light will indirect shine through the bottom-acryl and can take away shades from the products...


  2. Marlies de Stigter Marlies de Stigter

    I sent your question to Stefan Gschroefl of ConstrAct. He is our reseller in Austria that has created this Light Box.

  3. Jascha Eisenberg Jascha Eisenberg

    How is the joint over the legs made? The corner cube can only form 3 perpendicular connections, so how are the legs connected?

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