Evan and Katelyn - Underwater Live Stream

Evan and Katelyn - Underwater Live Stream

Evan and Katelyn attempted the first fully underwater live stream and used MakerBeam to frame all their electronic equipment. The cube with equipment was placed in a waterproof casing so they could use it for their underwater live stream.


Evan and Katelyn love to make things and make a new video each week. In the video showcased here they attempt to make the first full underwater live stream. To hold all the electronic equipment they use MakerBeam (see from 16:41). The MakerBeam framework with the camera, a screen and other electronics goes into a waterproof seethrough cube. Have fun watching!


MakerBeam is introduced as cute next to a bigger profile.


Naturally we agree, but MakerBeam is also very useful as you can see in the next few pictures.



All the electronics could be fitted nicely in the waterproof box and still be very portable.




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