Sample bag with a screw driver and MakerBeamXS samples

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Want to test MakerBeamXS to see whether the miniature size of 5mmx5mm fits your project? You can. We offer a sample bag with a screw driver, a few beams and some fasteners (corner, square and T-bracket). Buy and try.

You can also find technical drawings of (more of) our products here.

Bag contains:
1. a coupon code for 10% discount
2. a premium screw driver (105411)
3. 1 MakerBeamXS in blue (blue set 9p: 105680)
1 MakerBeamXS in black (black set 9p: 105679)
5. 1 MakerBeamXS in clear (clear set 9p: 105668)
6. 1 square bracket for MakerBeamXS (bag of 12p: 104881)
7. 1 corner bracket for MakerBeamXS
(bag of 12p: 104825)
8. 1 T bracket for MakerBeamXS (bag of 12p: 104869)
9. T -slot nuts for MakerBeamXS (bag of 200p: 104960)
10. M1.2 x 2mm Phillips Pan Head screw (bag of 200p: 105039)
11. Standoff clear/black (bag of 12p: 104926/104948)

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