Blue Regular MakerBeamXS Starter Kit

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Save money and buy a starter kit. You buy 22 beams anodised in blue (2x 20mm, 2x 30mm, 2x 40mm, 2x 50mm, 2x 60mm, 2x 70mm, 2x 80mm, 2x 90mm, 2x 100mm, 4x 300mm), 72 stainless steel brackets,1 bag of M1.2x2 Phillips Pan Head screws (± 200 pieces), 1 bag of T slot nuts for MakerBeamXS (± 200 pieces), a pair of tweezers and a screw driver. Think - Build - Enjoy! MakerBeamXS width and height = 5mm x 5mm. The MakerBeamXS extrusions are anodised and are available in three colours: blue, black and clear.

You can find technical drawings of (more of) our products here.

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