one cut tap for a custom cut length of OpenBeam

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This product offers one cut of a beam out of your current order with a length according to your specifications. So the first step is to order a beam where we can cut the specified length from.
You are required to fill in specifications in the field above (visible above the add to cart section) so we can cut the beams to your wishes.
- Length tolerance: +/- <0,5mm (180mm-1000mm)
- Cut plane tilt angle: <1°
During the cutting process approx. 3.0mm of the total (original) beam length will be lost per cut. So for example a 300mm beam cannot be cut into 2 150mm lengths beams.
Excess length is used to improve the accuracy of lengths or to test cuts and are not included with the order.

Custom cut beams are non-returnable..

First add to your cart whatever length of OpenBeam you wish to have cut. This is either a number of single longer length OpenBeams or a number of packs.

Second add the 'cut OpenBeam' with your specifications to your cart. Remember this product is for one cut. So if you will need more then one beam cut add more of this product.

Third, this product 'cut OpenBeam' is not compatible with MakerBeamXL or MakerBeam.

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