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Pancake machine (4/7) - pan

Pancake machine (4/7) - pan Hendrik-Jan is a student who just started his bachelor studies in electronics September 2019. He made us a pancake machine. Hendrik-Jan chose to use a small pan and attached an axis to the pan. He created brackets so the axis could be attached to the pan.

Pancake machine (1/7) - drawings

Pancake machine (1/7) - drawings MakerBeam is great to help you in the creation of a physical prototype and all the necessary iterations. The MakerBeam aluminium profiles and related hardware make it easy to create and alter a framework wherein electronics and 3D printed custom made designs can be combined into one.

We hardly ever get to see the first prototype. So we asked for one. Hendrik-Jan made us the first prototype of a pancake machine. The first step are the drawings.