Business and pleasure: Hannover MakerFaire

MakerBeam was represented at the MakerFaire in Hannover by Chartup.
Thank you Anton!!

We were preparing a family visit to the Hannover MakerFaire. For us it started with this picture online.

Saturday July 5th Johan travelled to Hannover to visit the Hannover MakerFaire. Since MakerFaires are fun for the whole family, I followed later with our boys. On Saturday he would focus on business. Sunday was scheduled for the pleasure part.

Preparing the business part                                                                                        Preparing the business part

Some impressions of the pleasure part in pictures:

                                                                 Chartup with MakerBeam and OpenBeam in Hannover

                                                                                                                   Elsie was a big attraction!

We had a great trip and wonderful days. Loved it!

Marlies de Stigter

Team MakerBeam


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